Picks/Visits :
Once the babies are born ~ I will send weekly pictures/videos of the babies growth ~ I put different color ribbons on the babies too to help ~ We would love for you all to come see them ~ We start picks/visits at 5-6 weeks of age once the babies are bigger in order of deposits ~ Sometimes,the families are unable to come see them in person due to living out state etc ~ and pick online with pictures/videos ~ But,I'm always here to help :) We can always do face time with the families as well ~ They are my fur babies so I get to know them well ~ I will continue pictures/videos until your baby is ready to go home at 7-8  weeks

​Location : 
  ~ We are located in Southern Indiana ~ About 2 & hours south of Indianapolis ~ 45 minutes from Louisville,KY

Quick OverView:
 ~ Our bloodlines/pedigrees we take very seriously ~ Careful selection has been made thought out the years ~ We are on third and fourth generation on our labradors ~ We have quality pedigrees from all  around the United States ~ Including from Poland and Ukraine ~ We just don't focus on color ~ Champion Bloodlines bred to produce overall excellent family companions ~ With eager to please traits/personality ,trainability with great temperaments ~ We have several that are champion sired and grand sired ~ Only wanting to prouduce the best ~ As we love the labrador breed  ~                  


  ~ We do the Bio Sensor/Super Dog Program  
  ~ We do Sound Socialization

~ Please see vet references on our home page

   We ask for a $350 deposit to reserve your fur baby : ~ Our Babies $1000  

  ~ We provide a good guarantee : 2 years 
  ~ Vet Checked ~ Wellness Exam (paperwork provided)
  ~ Fecal Done ~ Sent to the Vet Prior to Leaving ~ ~ Potty Box Trained
  ~ Given Best/ Appropriate Vaccines ~ Neopar 
  ~ Current De-worming
  ~ Fed Quality Food 
  ~ Proper Socialization  
  ~ Raised with Us ~ Love/Breeder Support
  ~ AKC Reg (AKC limited for pet homes) Inquire for Full 
  ~ Please see vet references on our home page
  ~ Weekly Updates Provided for the families with pictures/Videos 

We have had a lot of families asking about our puppy house ~  Here is picture taken from our security camera so its not the best ~ Babies are always comfortable ~ temperature controlled and kept clean ~ they love to run and play in the puppy house ~ They are raised in our bedroom at birth until they are older ~ Please know our puppy house is very close to our house as well maybe 50 feet - ~ Also this is the first time in a long time that we had litters together- ~ Our girls decided to come into season at the same time ~ 
  ~ Thank you all for taking the time to read ~ Much Love, the Golden's
Click here to see video of our babies on u tube ~