Rochelle, Larry and kids,
Nattie is doing great!  Her and Alyssa are getting along awesome.  She likes to chew and we just keep redirecting her to chew on her nylabone or one of her toys and then praise her.  She is toileting outside and has had NO accidents.  She loves her crate and when Alyssa naps or goes to bed so does Nattie.  Gives me a little free time to clean!!! She travels in the car great and even tolerates lots of company. Our dog Missie gets a little annoyed with her playful manner and gives her a little growl to let her know enough. My cat Dave won't come out to meet her yet!  Natties to playful and quick for Daves liking. Tomorrow Nattie starts puppy kindergarten. We know she'll be the smartest one there!  She knows her name already and usually is at Alyssa's and my heels at all times. She is beautiful!  We are all so excited with how well she is doing and feel she will be the right dog for Alyssa and what she needs!  Thank you so very much for your generosity. We tell everyone about you and your family and direct them to look at your website to see just how awesome your dogs are. I have attached pictures of Alyssa and Nattie, visiting a neighbor girl and Nattie alone.
Much Love,

   *Some of Our Doggy Tails From
    Our Happy Families*

  A Big "Thank you" to the families for sending       pictures and keeping us updated! It means the      world to us!
Dear Goldens -- Just a note to say hello. You may recall that I adopted Sugar (full name Citizen Sugar Cane) last June. He is now 6 months old and a great addition to my life. At the time of his adoption, I was living in Chicago and preparing to move to a new city and job.  We are now settled in a new house in Pittsburgh that sits on a 2-acre wooded lot. About 1/3 of the property is the house and a big yard, the other 2/3 is wooded. Last week, I had the yard fenced in and Sugar is enjoying running free. If he could speak, he's say "Weeeeeeeeeeeeeee!" 

I've been taking him to Puppy school through the Human Society and we'll again start a new class this Monday evening. He has a wonderful, friendly disposition. I've been very committed to socializing him with other dogs and people. When we walk on-leash and greet another dog or person, he sits and waits for them to pet or greet him. If the dog is older or a smaller breed, he often rolls over and shows his tummy. It's a passive action that demonstrates he wants to be non-threatening. He's very, very sweet. I'm considering training him to be a therapy dog when he gets a bit older and would like to help bring joy to folks in hospitals and care facilities. 
Sugar is my best pal in Pittsburgh and has made my transition to a new city more fun. 
I'm considering getting him a brother next summer. Please keep me in mind if you have another litter. . 

All the best,


Hi Rochelle and Larry,
Just wanted to let you know, Shelby is doing great!  She went out to the field yesterday and retrieved some dummies (very well).  Her temperament and attitude are wonderful…she is very loving and seemingly happy.  The duck toy in the photos is her absolute favorite.  It quacks when she plays with it, which really excites her.  The pictures aren’t great, but, I can send more later.  Thank you very much, call anytime.  Tell my little girlfriend we said hello!
Jeff, Donna

Dear Rochelle and Larry,
 Thank you so much for the wonderful little pup.  He's everything we had hoped for.  He is so adorable and he seems to have a great personality.  We've bonded well for just one day.  He had a busy day and is sound asleep in his bed.  He really seems to like our dog, Hershey, and Hershey is very tolerant to him.  I've been outnumbered, though, and Tucker is now named Toby.  I was very leary buying a dog on line.  Some people thought I was crazy.  But you have been wonderful to work with.   would definately recommend you to others.
 God Bless You
Greg P.and family

Hi Larry and Rochelle,
Thanks for the e-mail you sent. Hope all is well with you!  Lily (aka snuggles) is the best dog and we love her to death. She is very active so we really have to keep our eyes on her but she has the sweetest personality and is spoiled rotten. She loves to play fetch "constantly" and has also enjoyed the snow!! I apoligize for not sending pictures yet but I will soon. She is also loved by everyone in our neighborhood.
Keep in Touch and thanks again. Joan+Mike 
Hi the Golden's,We just wanted to thank you again for the cutest puppy in the world. We are loving her and she is loving life here with us too. Think she has gotten the routine down and she is loving exploring our  backyard, as well as all her new toys!  I think that her favorite is still the duck though.  We took her to the beach yesterday and loved the water. She thought that the waves were chasing her, it was really cute.  Well anyway, here are a few pictures that we have captured so far.  We will send more as we get them!
Thanks,Jenny and family

Hello, Golden's
Daisy is doing well and growing like a weed.  She slept most of the way from your house to ours.  Our vet checked her over on June 11th and said she was well socialized and very healthy.  We will be visiting him this week for her next set of shots.  The boys love her. She does great in the crate overnight.
I've attached a couple of pictures.  One is of her and Luke on the way home from your house.  The other was just taken on Friday.
Thanks again.
Emily and family
P.S. Hope your move went smoothly.

Hi the Goldens,Thank you for our new puppy Marley!!  She is adjusting great to her new home!  Sheis the sweetest little lovebug ever!! Shown in some pictures with her new friend, Harvey the stuffed rhino,and her new daddy Darrin.  She is sleeping through her first New Orleans thunderstorm right now..
(Larry & Rochelle -- thank you so much!!!)

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Sky is doing great!!! The kids just love her. She loves taking the kids to the bus stop. Everytime my son gets on she lets a bark, I think it is so cute . We just love her ! She is very playful. If we can we take her everywhere with us. Thanks again for a great puppy. I will keep you in mind for the future. My husband thinks she is great and already talking about getting another one.  
Thanks"   ~Kelly  

Larry and Rochelle, 
"Just wanted to let you know that "Love" had a really good night, last night.  She was very content and only wimpered twice.  She's adjusting very quickly to her new home.  And we are absolutely tickled pink with her.  We stopped at Feeders Supply last night before we went home, to get her a collar and some chew sticks and we couldn't believe our luck...Dr. John was having one of his clinics at the Middletown Store.  We've been taking our pets to Dr. John for over 8 years now, so we went ahead and had him check Love over and she got her next series of puppy shots last night, along with her 1st round of heartguard.  She was a real show stopper at Feeders and had everyone oohing and aahing over her. She's napping right now, after a busy morning of playing and romping.  She's a real joy to this family and we're looking forward to many years with this little gal.  We haven't decided on a name yet, but I'm sure we will soon. 
Thanks again and I'll send some pictures real soon.  ~Cheryl  
"Hey Guys, We are doing fine! Getting ready to move to Campbellsville near my families 1000 acre farm. Jarrett loves it there. Big creeks, horses, woods. Have some more pix for ya . Our digital was in the shop being repaired, so we had a gap in his photo album. Just to let ya know a little bit about Jarrett. I named him that because of the NASCAR driver Dale Jarrett. He drives for U.P.S. & his motto is "What Can Brown Do For You" Some people who keep up with racing think it's pretty funny. But his name fits perfect! Brown has done ALOT for us.  He weighs 70 lbs now. Loves kids & fetching. I also have taught him some useless tricks.  Such as, I hold my hand like a gun & say BANG!!! He jumps on his back & plays dead. Also pretty funny.  He is a big ol' baby. He still sleeps with us & heck, we even built a set of steps for him to climb in our bed so he wouldn't have to jump. 

I really, really dig your site. It Rocks! I can see his Mom & Dad, pretty cool actually. I cant thank you guys enough for Jarrett. We love him so much & he brings joy to us daily. Even when he snores!  lol 

Be Blessed in your dog raising & your family as well!"  ~Lora, Marc & Morgan  

Dear Larry & Rochelle,
 Max is doing great! He has been a wonderful addition to our family. My 18 month granddaughter adores him and he her. Anyone who purchases a lab from you will not only be getting a beautiful animal but a friend for life! I will send you some updated pictures soon. Thanks again and when the time comes I will be back for another chocolate lab! Sincerely Theresa
The experience that I had with you was great.  I never had a clue on what to do and you guys helped me out so much.  I would recommend you guys to anyone who is looking into getting a dog.  The way you guys treated me was so nice and made every attempt to make everything go as smoothly as possible.  Again thanks for everything
-Tim & family

Our names are David, Nestlyne, Nia, and Bre’.  We would be honored if you would use us as a reference!  We received our precious little bundle of mischief in August of 2008.  His name is Loki and he will be a year old on June 24th.  When I decided to get a dog – I actually bought him for my husband.  I thought he would be this adorable ball of white fluffiness.  And he was.  But I figured it would be my husbands dog – and I would probably lose interest after the puppy stage.  Boy, was I wrong.  Loki is not our DOG.  Loki is a part of our family.  

Physically, he is perfect.  A strong and beautiful structure of bone and muscle.  His coat is so unusually white for a Lab – that we are constantly being complimented by neighbors and friends and strangers at the park.  His teeth are perfect.  Perhaps we’re biased, but in the dog world – he’s an Adonis!

And Loki’s personality?  He does not have an aggressive or mean bone in his entire body.  Even his vet says he’s never seen a more well behaved Labrador!  People scared us when we told them we were getting a lab.  They said that labs would not outgrow their puppy stage for nearly 10 years.  While we did have our “moments” with Loki – I will say that by 6 months he was completely trained: potty trained, perimeter trained, bark trained, etc.  He learned so many tricks he could get a job at a circus!  All our neighbors are amazed at how easily trained he was.  By the time we’d had him for 2 weeks he was going to the bathroom on command!  And he’s great with our kids and the neighborhood kids.  He’s almost the neighborhood mascot!

Purchasing a dog online was very scary for me.  It required a lot of trust on our part – and I’m sure on theirs too!  But Larry and Rochelle were always available for my questions.  They walked me through the process several times – and they even gave me updates when Loki was a baby and too young to fly to his new home in Seattle.   They let me know when he had his first shots, they called when they got his health certificate to fly, and they called when he boarded the plane.  They even called to make sure he arrived safely!

I am very grateful to Larry and Rochelle.  They are more than just dog breeders – they are more like match makers!  We love our (big) puppy so much and we have them to thank for that.

David and Nestlyne & family

Hi Larry and Rochelle,
I saw on your site that you all have new arrivals!! How very exciting.  I would be more than happy to share with prospective buyers what a wonderful dog we have with our Lab Keightley.  She is going to celebrate her first birthday Thursday and we couldn't have a better dog.  She has been a joy since day one.  Not only is she adored by everyone in our family but by the rest of the four legged members as well. We receive compliments on her every time we go out.  Her outgoing personality makes her a magnet for people to pet her and she loves the attention.  If we didn't already have three dogs at home, we would love to get another lab from DixieRun.
And, when the time does come to for an addition, DixieRun will be the first place we look for a new labrador friend.  
I hope everyone is doing well.  I look for to watching for your new litters and I love the pictures on the website.  I hope to send you some new pictures of Keightley soon.

Warm wishes,

Dear Golden's,
              We added Harley (formerly Dora) to our family back in March .  I'm going to be honest when I say I was quite hesitant at spending the amount of money on a dog that we did.  I will also say that she is worth every last cent.  We have been complimented by countless people on how calm and polite of a puppy she is.  We have been working with her for hunting and she is coming along very nicely.  She knows sit, heel, down and stay.  She retrieves out of our pond without any hesitation and had even retrieved a couple doubles ( we are still perfecting her doubles).  Harley also gives us some laughs as she loves to jump into the water from the small boat that we take onto the pond.  I am attaching some pics of Harley to share.  Thanks so much for the wonderful addition to our family.  
Jason, Jennifer and Blake


Dear Larry and Rochelle,
    Thank you so much for checking up on Bailey (formally Ruby). We would love to provide a highly recommended reference.  The the two of you were a GODSEND to work with.  I am only sorry I haven't kept in touch before now.  
    Our experience with you was so easy it's quite hard to believe.  Everything went so smoothly and took place practically overnight.  Everything was booked through the airlines for our convenience, the vet checked her over before she departed, and we had our precious fluffy cargo in our home within a blink.  
    She adjusted quite well out here in California after arriving.  Our almost two year old daughter did not know what to make of her puppy ways at the time.  As they both continue to grow they are inseparable.  They chase each other through the house and now Bailey is able to knock her over.  They truly love each other.  What amazing companions they are for each other now and in the years to come!  That in itself is priceless.
    She loves people, almost too much since she gets so excited that she can't help but pee!  People love her as well and find her to be a beautiful pup.  She has such a happy disposition and personality.  She wants to be loved and give love in return.  She also loves water and can't get enough of the pool, now with summer here I'm sure we won't be able to keep her out...but that was a given.
    We are very pleased with the entire transaction and would recommend you to anyone interested.  You were easy to communicate with and we love that you like to be selective in making sure that you provide the best home for your family members.  We will continue to stay in touch and send more pictures soon!
Best wishes,
Lorinda, and Danica 

Dear Golden's,
How are you?  I hope this finds you well!  I have just downloaded a few new pictures of our boy "Chase" previously known as "Chip".  There is one picture of him where I think he bears a striking resemblance of his father, Ruff!  
He is quite the social pup!  We take him to a dog park every weekend to run with his friends and get his exercise.  He loves being with the other dogs!  There is an agility course there and he does the see-saw, and he did the weave poles as if he's been doing them forever.  The kids also run him ragged every afternoon, after school.  I've been walking him atleast twice a day, through the woods nearby.
We also take him to the Jersey Shore...we go to the beach in NJ..He loves to run and run on the beach.
He has done his level one basic obedience training and he is already very well behaved.  Anyone who meets him for the first time can believe he is only 8 months old!  We are still trying to figure out our next course of action for him.  We will keep you posted as he moves on!
I hope you are all doing well, we just wanted to say Hi!  Chase is a bundle of fun and love!
Take Care,
Lisa, Zach, Cara, and Lou 
Our boy, Bowden, has been a dream come true thus far.  His breeding, temperament, and desire to please are ringingly evident in his daily activities with us.  We are regularly complimented on his handsomeness and breeding and asked where we attained him.  He is still nearly as white as his mother and as broad as his father, and that is a combination which creates an astounding-looking Lab.  We are both so proud of how intelligent he proves himself to be each time we have him learn a fun trick or an obedience technique.  In no time at all one can see how easily he learns what he knows will please us.  He never tires when fun is involved either.  He will show you which toys are his favorite as well as which are easiest to destroy.  Bowden has brought nothing but joy to our family and I'm sure any other Labrador bred by Larry and Rochelle Golden would undoubtedly provide the same for any other owner.  The Golden's have also been more than helpful in shipping Bowden to us and providing follow up information helpful to feeding him the best foods and ensuring the best veterinarian care.  I would buy from Larry and Rochelle again and recommend to anyone interested in a quality Labrador.
 Matt and Roxanna

Dear Golden Family,

  Finally some pictures of Mia with her friends and family. These pictures were taken on her first camping trip to the mountains on 4th of July.   All the girls had matching 4th of July bandanas on that our daughter made for them.  The picture of Mia on the couch sleeping is with her best buddy Marley our boxer.  We cannot go anywhere without taking both girls with us.  They get along very well.  Mias first winter here was so much fun. She absolutely loves the snow.  She looked like a coyote pouncing through the snow drifts searching for things in the snow.  It was hilarious.  Mia is everything and more then I could have asked for. She is a wonderful addition to our family and very loved by all.  I feel very blessed to have her. Everyday I go to work I can't wait to get home to see my Mia.  She greets me at the door wagging her tail and jumps up to give kisses.  I am so in love with her I can't imagine my life without her.  She is a very good pup.  Thank you so much for providing us with this gift.  We feel very blessed.  We will have more pictures to send as she grows.  Once again, thank you so much.

 Jodi and Family

hello golden family-
Sorry it has taken me so long to email you with news of our new best friend. the babies have been very ill for awhile but are well on the road to recovery now(praise god) samy is doing sooo well. he is 12 weeks and weighs 22 pounds. he is pretty much housebroken, we haven't had any kind of accident in over a week and a half. keith has been training diligently with him and he sits, stays and is retrieving wonderfully. Keith is working with him now with some kind of dummy's that he put some scent of pheasant on to get Sammy use to retrieving and he's doing good on that too according to Keith. I am so shocked at how smart this dog is. I have had a couple of dogs in my life, but none nearly as smart or quick to learn as Samy is. Blake and brayden love Sam (especially Blake he's just 2 last week) wherever he goes samys not far behind and boy do they play together allot. we have caught Blake down on all fours drinking out of says water bowl several times.  so I want to give you guys a great big thank you for giving us the opportunity to have a wonderful loving kind cuddly friendly best friend to add to our family. we went from a family of four to a family of five.  im the only female lol lol!!!!!    I will send pictures really soon I promise we have tons. I just have to learn how to send them thru email first. my nephew will be showing me how next weekend. take care and god bless!!!!
michele and Keith
Blake and Braydon
and SAMY
Update on Samy
I'm sure you pretty much gave up on me sending pic's of samy! I just this week was taught how to send pic's among do other fancy things on the computer. So here they are....Samy is wonderful, Beautiful, Loving, Gentle and has a Kind Soul. Some don't believe dogs have much of a soul, however i know better!!!! I cannot speak for anybody else's dog..but our's is a part of our family and we Love him terribly!!!!!     What you will notice in these pics is that wherever Blake is Samy is right there beside him...he has been since we brought him home, they are brothers lol lol and so is brayden but he cant walk yet lol lol.....Hope you enjoy... 

good evening Golden s Family,
congratulation to Gunner and specialty to you...
We are waiting for the pictures.
You can find in our e mail, the picture with our children, Manioc (Violet) and the new in the family....ti mun! the new friend for Manioc.
They play together and it s so funny to see them. Manioc is like a mummy for the kitten.
Sometimes, Manioc is so friendly with every body, and she stay most of her time on the beach what we don t want. It s difficult for her to understand that because we haven t fence between the yard ans the beach! the sand and again the sand...sometimes, Manioc bark to keep the house and protect them. she is a good house kepper too.
But the best she does, is to play with us and to swim swim and swim !!!
thank you to your family for having given all. this pleasure.
Gilles Isabelle Martin Nathan Capucine and Jade(in Belize)

The Goldens:
You beat me too it, I was going to send you an email update on him tomorrow since I'm off the next few days!  He is doing great... we are totally in love with him!!  He is so smart, we can't believe it.  We already have him "sitting" and "laying down" on his own without the use of any treats.  He is also doing great in his crate... sometimes he cries for a few minutes, depending on how tired he is, but he calms down shortly after... and he sleeps great through the night.  He has only woken us up once around 230 b/c he needed to go out.  
He also LOVES the register in our house!!  He lays on it whenever the air conditioning kicks on, and we can't help but to lay on the floor by him, and after sleeping on for it a bit, he cuddles up next to one of us.  :)  
He's also doing great on his leash... we use it to take him outside right now, and we've taken him down the sidewalk a few times and he walks great right beside us.  He does, however, still have a very wild side of him, which is hilarious to watch!  When he plays fetch with us he bounces when he runs, and he wipes out a lot after grabbing his toy... he keeps us laughing, that's for sure!  And of course he LOVES grabbing things that he shouldn't, and it's like he knows he shouldn't b/c he takes off running afterwards!! 
The vet visit went great, he actually fell asleep on the exam table. haha  The vet thought he was such a great looking dog that he actually wanted your website, which I gave him, b/c a couple of his clients are looking for some hunting dogs.  Hopefully they will contact you.
Jared and I are having a hard time leaving the house in the morning b/c we hate leaving our little boy... we just can't wait to get through the day so we can come home to him.  Jared told me last night that getting "our Brody" was the best idea I had EVER had!  lol
I will try and take some pictures this weekend and send them to you guys. Thank you again for everything you did for him, he's a beautiful puppy and we are so happy that he has come into our lives.  
Will talk with you soon!
Jared and Coleen :)

 Larry and Rochelle,
Just wanted to let you know the trip home went great. Took a little longer with stopping every couple hours to let Jaeger out. He is doing great meeting the whole family. He loves when my nephew comes over to play (so far 3 times since Sunday) He has a new best friend, in a friend of mine's 10 week old Pug. He is twice the size of her and my friend, she was nervous at first but Jaeger plays very nice with her. Every where I go everyone
comments on what a cute puppy he is and wants to know where I got him. When I tell them everyone looks at me and says Indiana, so I have to explain to them if you want the best you might have to travel to get it. As he grows I will send some pictures. Thanks Again for everything

"I talk to him when I'm lonesome like,
and I'm sure he understands.
When he looks at me so attentively,
and gently licks my hands;
Then he rubs his nose on my tailored clothes,but I never say naught thereat,
For the good Lord knows I can buy more clothes,but never a friend like that!"
- W. Dayton Wedgefarth

     "A dog is the only thing on earth
that loves you more than he loves himself."
-- Josh Billings

 I thought I would take a moment and give you an update on Sebastian.  He is an incredible companion!  The training, love and care that you and your family gave him, have produced a wonderful addition to our family.  He is with one of us virtually all day long, and he is scary smart.  He understands very well.  We are constantly complimented not just on his good looks, but on his level of attention and alertness.  He has qualities that he did not get from my training.  I started working with him as soon has he came home.  He already understood sit, stay, and retrieve.  In fact I took him to a shooting preserve around Christmas, four months old.  The preserve had a prefect set up for a pup.  The birds where put in a 6 acre sorghum field.  On the last bird we were heading through the field back to the truck.  The bird left the field and as out in the open.  Sebby saw it, flushed it and was 3/4's of the way to the truck when he picked up the downed bird.  I perfectly expected him to carry on to the truck.  I did not even have to call him.  He picked up the bird, and dropped it at my feet!
Attached are some pictures.

I cannot thank you and your family enough!
Mick & family

Hello Golden's!
Greetings from Houston!  I thought y'all might like some shots of Bella on her first duck hunt for your brag page!  She's a born hunter!!!
Hope all is well,
Robin & family

Hi from Jeff and Tami,
Thanks for the cute card.  Wanted to let you know how Bella is doing.  I liked the name Heidi but Tami wanted to call her Bella.  Girls always win! :)
She was just spayed last Tue. and we had to pull 4 baby teeth that were not loose yet and the much larger incisors had already come in over halfway.  Vet recommended it so we did.  Had her stitches out this morning and she is doing very good.  
We have trained her to do many things:  Sit, Stay, Come, Give us a high five, lay down,  she will let a piece of food sit on both paws while laying down and not eat it till Jeff snaps his fingers.  She is so smart that we have also taught her to do math problems.  We can say "Lets go to school Bella and then the math lessons begin.   Say...2+2 and she will bark 4 times and we throw her a treat.  6/3 and she'll bark 2 times.  We've done about anything up to 20 and she gets it right nearly 95% of the time.   It's a real crowd stopper at the Vet or out in public or whenever we have friends over.  
Her hair on her back has really begun to curl in the last 4 weeks.  She's a real hoot to have around.  Thanks for the great puppy. Have a wonderful Christmas! 

Rochelle and Larry,
Thank you for the card, Janet, Brock and I wish you a Merry Christmas.
Brock is doing great, he is an amazing dog.His temperament is incredible. He loves everybody and doesn't want to be away Janet and I for a second.
I have never had a dog who lays on the floor by the fire (His favorite place) while we have wrapping paper, ribbon, scissors etc all over the floor and he never touches anything. 
And he loves the grand kids when they come over and follows them every where. He has a playmate next door a black lab and they love each other. But most of all Brock loves SNOW. He runs around the yard sticking his face in it and rolls around.
Here are a few pictures of Brock now, he is very healthy and weights 62 lbs as of last week.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and all your family.
Joe, Janet and Brock 

Hi Golden Family!
 I am so sorry I haven't written sooner!  I wanted to give you an update on our little baby Captain.  What a doll!  He was such a little pumpkin when he came, and of course we all fell in love right away!  The first night he was a trooper and barely cried at all, which was amazing!  He was housebroken in a matter of minutes (I am telling you, this dog barely made one accident, he is so smart!) and he has taken a strong liking to the boys pant legs!  
He has grown so much it is amazing, each morning I wake up and I could swear that he grew overnight! We had a trainer come on Monday and she said that he looks like he would be a perfect dog for therapy since he is so calm (and she said his eye contact was excellent!).  I never thought about it, but we will see how he does with training and it might be something that our little Captain might do in the years to come! So far, he is doing fantastic with the training - he of course already knew "sit" and now we have "down", "Leave it" , "come" and "kennel up".  It is fun to watch how smart this puppy is!
I can't thank you enough for helping us pick out the perfect dog.  He is not only the most beautiful puppy I have ever seen (I get compliments constantly on his color all of the time), but he has the perfect temperament.  We couldn't be happier.  I would absolutely recommend you to anyone looking for a lab, you all have been so wonderful and easy to work with, especially since we are all the way out here in NY!
I will be sending you pictures soon so you can see how big he has gotten.  And he is very white (and possibly the softest dog I have ever petted!!!)
Thank you again so much!  We hope to stay in contact with you and we wish you the best of luck with everything!
Many blessings,
Erin, Sean, Tommy and Captain

~Dottie baby
Another update on Sophie: Sophie is growing up and doing great. The attached photos are a bit dated as you can tell from the snow, but the winter time sledding hill is now the spring time retrieving hill. Tossing her toy from the top of the hill down to the bottom by the lake gets her a great workout! 

Speaking of working out, I recently ran in the Go! St. Louis half marathon and although pets are not allowed in the race, Sophie, was the
greatest running partner one could ask for in the training runs leading up
to the event. Our longest run together was 11 miles. 

We went on a little adventure around the lake we live on last week and it was her first time in the water, not deep enough to swim, but she definitely was wondering what in the world was going on. 

Sophie is a very gentle and smart dog (sometimes a bit too smart). We have been  working on training for quite a while and she is great at down, sit, stay, come and  really pretty much everything we have attempted with her. She is wonderful with  our girls and we are just so happy to have her as a part of our family.


Please feel free to post whatever I send to you regarding Annie.  We love her so much.  When we first told people we were getting a lab they all warned us on how much work that kind of dog would be.  Annie has really proved them wrong.  She is so smart, well behaved and just a joy to have. My husband and I love her big brown eyes!  I think she has her mother's eyes.  We get compliments wherever we take her.  The vet says she is one of the prettiest labs he has ever seen and asked us where we got her. I am so glad I spent the extra money and got her!  we have never been disappointed even one day.  Whenver we take a walk and she sees little children she just loves them.  I bet she remembers experiences with your little girl.
Linda and Annie 

I would like to add that Annie loves the water and loves to retrive. She is a natural!  The other day our bird, a Sun Conure, got out of the cage.  I looked around and Annie had the bird in her mouth but did not harm the bird in any way.  She has a real gentle mouth.  I won't let this happen again but I thought it was interesting that Annie did not hurt the bird at all.  Also, she is really ringing the bell, now when she wants out.  It is so funny!  

~Congrats to Alyssa,Renee and family!!! Nattie received her CGC 
On Halloween last year my husband and I came and picked up a puppy from you who we named Teddy.  I just wanted to let you know what a wonderful addition he has been to our family.  He has a heart as big as Texas and brings love and joy to every person and animal he comes across.  He is very smart...sometimes too smart.  His favorite things to do are to go for walks, play with his many toys, and play with other dogs.  He is very spoiled by not only us but also his two grandmas that come over to visit.  On 6/25/10 we had a baby boy, Noah.  The joke is that we call the baby "Teddy's baby" because he is very watchful and always wants to be a part of what is going on whether the baby is being fed or getting a diaper change.
I had been wanting to get a dog for a few years and my husband bought the dog for me as my birthday gift.  My husband never had a dog growing up and was pretty indifferent about pets and didn't understand how people could be so attached to an animal.  It didn't take long for my husband to become very attached to Teddy and Teddy to him and neither of us could imagine our family without him.
I attached some pics of is from the day we brought him home and the others are more recent now that he is grown up.  Thank you so much for bringing Teddy into our life and making our family complete.
Sarah & family

I forgot to mention in my email that last winter he won a cutest puppy contest and his picture is going to be featured in a 2011 dog calendar.  Of course WE think he's adorable but it was nice to see that other people thought so too:)  

~Gunner baby
It’s hard to imagine Gus (aka Newt) will be one in just a few weeks.   He is so much like Gunner (LOVES to play fetch and would play 24 hours a day if he could) and so much like Bunny (is so sweet, affectionate and cuddly).  He loves to swim and loves every person and dog he meets.  He even thought the rabbit in the back yard was a friend and chased him around the tree not realizing he should be chasing him out of our yard.  We’re so happy he chose us as his parents  
Take care,
Cindy, Stu & Gus

Larry & Rochelle,
We figured it was time to give you an update on Tessa (formerly Paris).  She is a wonderful dog, and has become a great member of our family.  At first, Princess (our beagle) didn't know what to think, but they have become great friends.  Princess even lost some weight wih all the playing she has been doing.  I wanted to send you a picture of Tessa retreiving (her new favorite hobby).  It is amazing how quick she has picked up on things.  She is extremely calm (for a lab) and loves to give kisses!  Kevin has been working with her, and she is learning quickly.  She is growing too -- I'm hoping she stops ;) -- Her favorite spot is under the couch, and she isn't going to fit pretty soon. Too tell you the truth, I'm not sure how she gets under there now.  
Anytime anyone talks about getting a dog, I always have a great recommendation.  I'm sure we will send someone your way soon.   
Thanks for the special girl,
Kevin, Amanda & TJ (and Princess & Tessa too)

p.s. - She is a great boater too!  

Dear Goldens,
We just celebrated Chase's 2nd birthday!  He just keeps getting better and better!  This past winter we went through basic agility training with him, he did wonderfully!  We don't do competitions with him, we just did it more for the exercise and training.  Everywhere we go with him, he is a celebrity!  We take him to the shore every weekend with us where he walks us four blocks up town, makes a right and goes right into the pet store there.  He goes right over to the basket on the floor, picks out his bully stick, takes it to the counter and puts it up.  The owner of the shop gives him a treat while I pay, and tells Chase that he will see him tomorrow!
He is just such a good boy, we love him so much!  We tell everyone about DixieRun when they ask about Chase.  Hopefully, one of these days, we will be getting him a brother from you.
I have attached some new pictures of Chase (whose nickname is Bubby), the agility pictures are at our local dog park where we take him to run and swim.
I hope everything is going well with you, your puppy pictures online are almost irresistible!!
Take Care,
Lisa, Cara, 
Zach, and Lou 

Hi Golden's!
Just wanted to drop you a line to update you about our LuAnn, who we picked up from you one year ago last Friday (Dixie X Gunner). The past year has flown by and Lu has brought us SO much joy throughout! If there is one word that can be used to describe LuAnn, it is DIVA! From the first day we had her, she has kept us laughing with her prima donna tendencies. The morning after the first night we had her, we woke up thinking we were dog whisperers. She had been so quiet all night! Little did we know that, at some point during the night, she had broken out of her cage to curl up next to our 15-year-old Lab, Missy. We should have known we had a spunky, fiesty girl on our hands after that first night!!

LuAnn is a true member of our family who loves to go in the car with us, play fetch in our yard at home and in Lake Michigan at our home in Holland, Michigan. From the beginning, she was a natural born swimmer and has absolutely no fear of water. She is a true "dog" -- she'll run through any muddy puddle, chase any bird, and defend her people to the end! We constantly get compliments on her beautiful, shiny, flawless black coat. She is extremely intelligent -- almost too smart for her own good! She has mastered sit, lay down, roll over, handshakes, high fives, and sit pretty (on her haunches)! We're working on "stay"....haha! She loves to play with her (much) older sister, Missy (even though Missy doesn't quite like their playtime as much as LuAnn -- she can be a grumpy old lady sometimes!) LuAnn is also a Blackhawks fan (as you'll see in one of the pictures) and helped us cheer them on to Stanley Cup Victory this past June!

We cannot thank you enough for Lu. We love her so very much and cannot imagine not having her. We truly believe that humans have much to learn about life from our dogs. At the end of the day, your dog will never hold grudges, will always snuggle with you on the couch, and is always there to greet you at the door after a hard day. We are so thankful for her!
Thank you so much!! 

Here is a link to a video of some pictures of Lu!

Please do not hesitate to use us as a reference on your website. We're sure the diva would love to have her film debut online....haha!
Bill, Therese, Sara, Allison, Megan, Missy, and LuAnn 

Harry and I are both so happy with Daisy - these pictures from Christmas to now.  She has so much fun playing with Trudy.  Daisy is a very lovable dog.  We are so happy with the new addition to our family.
Thought you might enjoy the pictures.
Lisa & Harry

Hi Rochelle and Larry,
On the occasion of Bailey's (aka "Boots" - 1/1/10 litter) first birthday, I am sending you a professional photo that was taken of him on December 19th.  As you will see, he was "dressed up" for the photo.  :-)
I cannot believe he is already one year old.  He is doing great...sometimes loveable and sometimes a bit mischievous.  We had a snowstorm the day after Christmas and he thoroughly enjoyed playing outside.  He enjoys playing fetch and will search to find anything outside that he can leave at the door for me.  He brings me so much joy.
I hope you and your family have a happy and healthy 2011.  .

~Dottie baby
Here are pictures of "Jersey Girl of Long Beach Island" 9 month old and already proven hunting lab. You can zoon in she is retrieving  in ice cold water. she was home trained not by a professional trianer and is well behaved in blind as you can see. This puppy came from a great breeding line you can tell. Thanks for allowing us the oprotunity to raise "jersey Girl" she fits right in and is loved by all,even her 9 year old step sister "Juno" a black female lab.Thanks Tim

p.s. She goes to work everyday with me .
I knew from the moment Lucy was born ~ their was something very special about her! Then,we found her calling ~  ~Click here to see Adria's amazing blog~
Tell people if they would like to become a follower to go to the bottom of the home page on my blog and click Follow. That way they will receive regular updates each time something new is posted. WE LOVE YOU!


Adria and Lu 

~Thank you again Adria for letting us share! :)

John 3:16
We are so thankful God put Adria and Lucy in our lives!

~Dottie baby
Dear Goldens,
Thank you for allowing us to have 2 beautfiul puppies.  Gordy is growing up so fast and being an excellent big brother to our newest addition.  Reggie is so sweet and adorable.  We could not ask for better puppies.  Thank you for raising them so well for the first part of their life.  Gordy and Reggie love playing tug-o-war together and it is cute when Gordy lets Reggie win sometimes.  Gordy is definitely a big helper in the potty training process but Reggie is so smart that he has picked it up quite well.  We love watching them grow up together and are so happy to have them as part of our family
Thank you,
The Taylors

Gunner babies 
Larry & Rochelle,

I wanted to send you a quick note to let you know that Mishka and I made it back to Indy just fine. She did great on the ride home, no accidents. She is adapting well to her new home. I am taking time off work this week to try and make the transition easier for her. 

I can't thank you both enough for making this such a smooth process. You were wonderful to work with and I look forward to staying in touch to keep you updated on how Mishka is doing. I will be sure and send you some pictures in the next few weeks so you can see how she is growing. Do not hesitate to call or email if a potential client would like a reference... Or for ANY other reason. 

Thanks again for being such wonderful people. I look forward to staying in touch with you throughout the years to come.
May God bless you and your family.

Bryan & Mishka

~Dixie X Gunner baby
Here are a few pics of Coy as he is growing up. Some of the pictures are from where we sent him off to Peoria, IL. to get trained. The trainer is a professional trainer and has trained over 300 dogs. He told me, out of the 20 years he's been training, Coy is in the top 5 dogs he has ever trained. He said he is a very smart dog and picks up on things very quickly. Normally it takes dogs a week to two weeks to fully learn force fetching, Coy had it mastered in 3 days. Coy was at the trainer for 3 months, and came back an awesome retriever. He is very obedient, and does commands from hand signals. We will be sending him back this spring for another 3 months to have him finished water training and making him into a more professional retriever. I am certain this dog will be an awesome trial dog as well as a hunting dog.
After losing our 13 year old chocolate lab last year I really didn't think we would think about another dog.  My husband did a lot of looking online for breeders and that is how he found the Dixie Run Labradors.  What a fantastic family!  We were very impressed how well they take care of the dogs and the set up they have for them is very very nice.  Their dogs are beautiful!    Sidley is a perfect addition to our family.  He is such a good boy.  He LOVES the kids and is so good with them.  He is very laid back and just fits perfect in our life.  The Cascio's

~Pumpkin X Gunner baby
I know I'm a little behind...sorry!  He is bigger now than at Xmas, obviously but such a pretty guy!!!  We had him neutered at the beginning of January and he weighed 50 lbs. so I'm guessing he is at about 55 lbs right now!!!  Love him to pieces!
Thanks,Natalie & family

~Juliet baby