Larry and Rochelle,

Just wanted to send a quick message to give you an update on Cash. We could not be happier with him. When I asked for a puppy that loved to be loved and cuddled, you were right to reccommend Cash. He is a big ball of love. He loves when we sit on the fireplace with him and he can (half) lay on our laps and just kisses us up. He is such a laid back pup that loves to swim and play tug of war. He also loves any toy that makes alot of noise. The louder the squeak the more he loves it. :) I attached a few recent pics of him waiting for his time in the pool and then swimming. He is at the garage door every night when I get home to greet me and my daughter then heads straight to the back door and once I open it he is at the fence to the pool waiting to go in. He has quite the routine down with the whole family. When my mom wakes up in the morning, as soon as her coffee is in her hands he heads to the back door to play fetch with her.  My dad is home with him all day and Cash has really attached himself to him. He is always laying right at my dads feet no matter where in the house my dad may be. When we take him for walks, anyone that we pass he thinks is coming to see him and he sits and wags his tail waiting. We have a gate that keeps him out of the front living room, and when someone rings the doorbell he puts his front paws up on the gate and his whole body shakes with excitement, because he knows that they are here just for him. He is so funny. We just love him to death and have referred people to your website, that were looking for a new puppy, and will continue to refer people to you guys.

I will keep sending periodic updates and look at your website often for the new litters, always debating on getting another puppy. Maybe one day but for now we are just enjoying Cash up.  Thank you so much for everything in helping with our selection of a puppy. Cash is the perfect addition to our family.

Thanks again,

Triscia and Family

~Juliet baby
Hi Rochelle,

We got home safely last night and Regan is such a great little girl.  She slept most of her ride to St Louis and slept on the plane ride home to Dallas.  She loves people and is so very sweet.  Everyone who saw her oohed and awed at her and I was like a rock star in the airport!!  I had a great time bonding with her on the trip home and she spent most of her waking hours in my lap!!!!  We went to the vet today and they raved about how she comes from great stock and what a good breeder you all are.   And of course how beautiful she is!!!!  I think all of the employees came in today just to see her!!  I just thought I would let you know that the first 24 hours has been absolutely wonderful!!  We didn't know how much we missed having a baby in the house especially a sweet one like this!  

Dave and Missy

~Perry baby
Hey Larry and Rochelle,
Just wanted to let you know how Milo is doing. He starts his first day with our trainer today. He is a very happy and sweet and friendly little guy. He is already at 20.2 lbs as of a few days ago. He loves everyone and loves being in Maine for the summer. Everyone that meets him cannot get over how beautiful he is. Just wanted to thank you for everything and I will send more photos down the road.
Milo and Emily

~Perry baby
Larry and Rochelle
Here is Simon getting big and holding his own with Jake and Ollie.  We are enjoying him sssoo much.  He is smart and learning commands quickly.  Already makes it through the night.
He is such a joy!

Mary & family

~Perry baby
Here is a picture of Champ on his first canoe outing. He loved it.  He is doing well and we LOVE him. We are working with a trainer and she says he is such an obedient puppy... Especially considering he is a lab:) We would love to see a picture of one of his siblings if you have any.  Thanks for such a great dog!

Have a great weekend.
Amy & family

Oliver X Taylor baby
Hi Goldens'!!

Just an update on our special Lab, Chloe!!! She is now 26# and has had all her shots and is a gorgeous girl! She is soooo friendly and loves everyone she has come in contact with! Hillside Animal vets and staff all comment on how gorgeous and outgoing she is AND that Labs from Dixie Run are always such great looking and healthy and wonderfully behaving dogs!!!
We will send some photos very soon and maybe, if you guys would like, we could bring her by for a short visit! We are so very glad that we chose you all for our new family member and indebted to you for such a wonderful addition!!!

Thank you for all you have done!!!

John & family

~Perry X Bitsy baby

Here is a picture of Cooper taken this morning.  He such a good boy


Hi Rochelle and Larry,
Just wanted to send you some pictures of Noel on her first vacation at the Jersey Shore.
She loved the beach and is doll
                              - Patti

Dear Golden Family,

We wanted to send you an update of our boy Gunner (previously Otis) a Gunner and Dixie pup.  Gunner is such an amazing boy and has been such a great addition to our little family.  This December it'll be his 2nd birthday already, I can hardly believe how big he's gotten and how fast he's grown,.  Gunner sure loves his little brother, Jack, a Yorkshire Terrier, he is such a sweet gentle boy when they play tug-o-war, they are best of friends.  Gunner has a very loving and calm temperament and just loves to give hugs and kisses and wants to always be near us.  He also dances with me sometimes to our favorite songs which is quite comical.  The family spent this past summer up in northern Wisconsin where Gunner was able to go swimming and dock diving daily.  Boy does he love swimming, he must take after his mom Dixie.  He also loves playing fetch and has become a very good retriever.  

He is such a blessing and we couldn't imagine one day without him.  He along with Jack truly make our house a home. 

Thanks again for giving us such a wonderful boy!!

Sincerely,  Trent & Stacy

Hello Goldens.  Wow, the last two months have flown by.  Sorry I have not written sooner to update you on Indie’s progress.  She is doing really great!  She is such a fast learner.  We finished puppy class, and are signing up for a follow-up clicker training class that starts in two weeks.  Indie has been camping, boating, swimming, and has taken two trips to our friend’s farm in Michigan.  Here are a few pics of ‘Indie’s summer vacation'.  Hope they bring some smiles to you all.   Please give a special hello to Skylar.  Hope she is having fun at school!
-Julie & family
Her first obedience metal. She is a wonderful dog.  Thank you for her! Donna

Perry X Bitsy baby girl
Hi Rochelle and Larry:

It has been a while since I have sent an update on our darling little Sky.  She is now five months old and truly a wonderful dog.  Both Scott and I are amazed at how smart she is and quite to pick up commands.  We always thought our other lab, Rye was very quick but Skyler seems to be way ahead of where Rye was at this age.  She has a very definite retriever instinct in her.  When we throw the ball to her, she brings it back and drops it at our feet.  This was all without much coaching.  She loves the water, big surprise right!  She is an excellent traveler, I am so pleased with how relaxed she is when we get in the car to go somewhere.  She usually lays down and goes to sleep.  Sky will be starting obedience training in two weeks.  I am excited to start working with her and the trainer.  I think I am going to go a little further with her training than we did with Rye.  She just seems to have the drive to do a little bit more.  I have talked with our trainer about agility or competion training eventually to see how she does.  Not that I want to have her compete but just to see what she is capable of doing.  She is such a sweet, affectionate puppy.  She loves to be around us all the time, which is exactly what I was looking for in a dog.  She sometimes does get a little underfoot though, she tends to want to lay on my feet if I am working in the kitchen.  We are now working on boundaries, staying out of the kitchen when I am working.  Believe me, I love the foot warmer but it becomes a bit of a tripping hazard.  She got through crate training and house training very well.  She now goes right in her crate when given the command and lets us know when she has to go outside.  I can't tell you enough how pleased we are with her.  Both Scott and I feel that it is obvious the caliber of dogs you breed.  We would not go anywhere else now to get a lab.  In fact, I told him we need a little black one now and then we will have all three colors.  He rolled his eyes so I don't think that will happen anytime soon.  But, I do know that if and when the time comes for another lab we will be coming to you.  I have included a couple of pictutres, one of just Sky and the other of her and Rye together.  They are so fun to watch.  It is interesting to see the interaction between the two.  I believe it is the best kind of training to have another dog around.  He seems to be teaching her in their own language.  She just absolutely adores him and follows him everywhere.  I can't quite say the same about Rye, he loves her but like any older brother, has enough of her at times and will let her know.  She seems to understand and respect that as well.  Thank you so much for the care you give your dogs, it truly shows in the puppies that you produce.  We can't be more pleased and happy with our Sky.  I will send more updates as she progresses.

Thank you again,

Judy and Scott from Michigan
~Perry X Dottie baby~

Dear Larry & Rochelle
Casper is doing great, he has met almost everyone in the family and loves to play with my sisters dogs. We took him to meet his new Vet last Friday and they fell in love with him. He had a great check up and the Vet couldn't believe all the paper work you sent us home with. He said you could tell that Casper came from a very friendly and loving family, and I told him I have to agree. We are so happy that we decided to get a puppy from your Family. Please tell Skylar that we haven't forgot about sending her some pictures, hopefully we can send some this weekend. I want you to know you can email or call us anytime to check up on Casper.
Thank you,
Steve & Regina